My Goals

The purpose of this page is to keep a running record of short term, medium term and long term goals. Since goals will inevitably develop and change, I find that writing them in a blog will keep records on how things changed, and see my goals being fulfilled or developed over time.

Short term goals (1-5 years)

  • Graduate with a college degree (BEnvD) // completed: 12/2016
  • Get LEED Green Associate
  • Achieve full time, enjoyable employment in chosen field // completed: 02/2017
  • Achieve goal weight of 105 lbs
  • Learn how to golf
  • Get first aid/CPR certified // completed: 12/2016
  • Take up pole dancing
  • Become decent at the piano
  • Buy a car // completed: 12/2016
  • Live away from parents
  • Become project manager
  • Travel

Medium term goals (5-15 years)

  • Get an MBA, MRE or additional education // not a priority 02/2017
  • Purchase first home/investment property (BRRRR)
  • Consider LEED AP certification
  • Achieve PMP certification
  • Achieve HSK Level 3-4 in Chinese Language
  • Become principal or associate director level in career field
  • Guest speak at university
  • Travel
  • Become better at piano
  • Continue to lift

Long term goals (15+ years)

  • Establish successful career
  • Mentor
  • Custom build dream home
  • Have 2-3+ rental properties
  • Travel
  • Lift