On expectations

I was taught implicit expectations were ok. It was ok to expect certain behaviors from certain people, for example:

  1. You expect your SO not to see anyone else if you agreed to be mutually exclusive
  2. You expect your SO to treat you with respect.
  3. You expect your SO to show up to a date or meeting at the agreed upon time
  4. You expect your SO to support your dreams and console you during your failures

And you would expect all of the above of your friends too, with the exception of #1…

With colleagues and business associates, you expect, for example:

  1. That they respond to you within 2 business days, if it warrants a response and they are not on vacation
  2. You expect your company to pay you on your pay day
  3. You expect your company would not like it if you did casual Friday on a Wednesday (unless you work in Tech)
  4. You expect your manager to “manage”

All that goes out the window with dating.

You cannot expect anything of anyone.

  1. You cannot expect that the person who you went on 2 great dates with will call you back for a date #3
  2. You cannot expect that he will want to “date” you after sex (or even call for that matter)
  3. You cannot expect he even likes you (even if you’ve been ‘dating’ for 1-2 months)

So keep expectations low, and have fun, girl.


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