There is nothing world shattering about being a Valedictorian

Have you ever wondered what happened to school Valedictorians later in life?

Well, research shows, not much.

It makes sense. Being a Valedictorian is about order. It is about diligence, and a great ability to follow rules. It is about sticking to the tried and true, and following the safest path. While that path will definitely lead to various modes of success, these traits that make Valedictorians who they are are not the traits of “visionaries.” Not the traits of risk seekers, of those who have enough confidence to venture out on their own.

The average GPA of 700+ millionaires who participated in the study averaged a GPA of 2.9. College GPA and future subsequent success have no correlation to one’s college GPA.

Coming from someone who graduated with a 3.7 in high school AND college – and with the distinction of my department’s class marshal, this research is extremely… bittersweet. As a first generation American, and the first in my family to graduate college, school was all I had been trained for.

Countless hours poured over studying, at the instance of my mother. Eventually, though, my desire for academic achievement was driven nothing but my own discipline and momentum. Now that I’ve been out of college for six months, I realized that perhaps my pursuit and priorities were… not in the exact order.

One thing I wished I spent more time in college doing was spending time developing myself personally and spiritually. I wished I spent more time hanging out with friends, taking a few exercise classes at the gym (they were free!), and enjoying my college experience.



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