Community vs. NIMBY-ism

I tend to shy away from politically-charged opinions, but after seeing a post on my Facebook newsfeed recently, I felt so passionate about this topic that I thought I should write this down so I can have a memory and record of my political beliefs at 22. It might be interesting to see how it can change when I’m 32, or 42, or 62.

In short, there is a Facebook group called My Kailua, which is run by residents of this small, beach town with high property values. This FB group purports to be about touting community, but IN MY OPINION, it is one of the most exclusive groups meant to hate on “non-locals” for commercializing “THEIR” town! They hate on every single media mention of Kailua because many of the members of that Facebook group think it will destroy “their” Kailua – evident by their use of “MY Kailua.” Of course, the group is sometimes used as a medium to report community news, like missing persons or items. However, generally, the posts expressing the opinions of their founders are very negative of the ‘paradise’ attention that THEIR Kailua is getting.

This was the post which I saw, which is really the reason of this post:

Word for word:

The Branding & Marketing of My Kailua 👎

Jesssica lost 38lbs, Eric lost 39lbs… And we’ve lost our sense of community thanks to the commercialization and exploitation of our residential family neighborhoods. 

And all I can say, is really? Keep in mind that this weight loss ad has NO mention of the place where it was filmed. And so, it begs the question, why so much hate? The founder of the group is, well, ethnically white. So to him, what is “local”? His ancestors who ultimately lived in Kailua before him were, to what extent, “local”? Because in Hawaii, the only true “locals” were the Native Hawaiians.

And how long can you preserve this closed-minded idea of WHO Kailua should be for? Though your neighborhood is a “beach”, it is a PUBLIC beach. I do not see any “aloha” in that group, except toward other Kailua residents.

Lastly, just as those founders are expressing their freedom of speech, I am as well.


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