22, and starting over again

A little over a week ago, I turned 22! This year has been so wonderful to me in so many ways, and I am so so grateful for all that I’ve experienced this year. On my birthday, we went to see a Star Trek Symphony Concert. Student tickets were only $13/each compared to the $50+ of regular admission, and we sat about 7 rows from the stage.

This year, Kevin bought me a new laptop (birthday AND Christmas present, he says). I love it so much! I’ve been doing arch school with my 13″ 2012 MacBook Pro on Bootcamp, and then one day, the Windows partition got corrupted and I couldn’t access any files 😦 Instead of spending more time uninstalling and installing Bootcamp (the first time around took a long time), I decided to just get a new computer. That weekend, at Sam’s Club, we saw a Dell Inspiron 15, 15.6″ for $800 and just bit the bullet… I can’t believe how much more comfortable it is for the eyes to have a bigger screen!

Secondly, although at the start of the new year, I made plans to get stronger, that goal took a backseat to the hectic architecture school life. I’ve been away from the gym for so so so long 😦 I went back the other day, and it was SO hard. Squatting 95 lbs and just benching the bar was a challenge… However, after this, I still feel so hopeful that I can one day achieve the numbers I want.

I officially have 5 more week of school – and then after that, I will be finished with college! Yay!! College took me 4.5 years, and I cannot believe how many opportunities I got to experience. I will be the first in my family to get a college degree – and I am so excited to whatever adventures happens my way after this. I already have a big list ready 🙂




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