What’s in a blog?

Lately, I’ve neglected blogging because I rationalized that I didn’t have the time to sit down and plan a comprehensive, thought provoking blog. And the fear of writing something that was just a blop, without any substance, was paralyzing, because I just didn’t want my thoughts published.

But now, I know how wrong that is. A blog doesn’t have to be a polished piece of work. Instead, it can just be a place to record all the thoughts in my head. Sometimes, I may revisit an idea I’ve held in the past, and realize that my positions have indeed change. Maybe they’ll grow more conservative, or more liberal, or somewhere in the middle.

The idea of a blog – this blog – or rather, the purpose of this blog, is a place for me to think about what I want to say. Hopefully, through this, I can grow better at communicating in my personal, work, and school life.



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