The 1st drinks of 2016 & fitness goals



The other day I went out drinking with my good friends. I really like the fruity drinks that my friend describes as “tasting like juice.” They’re probably bad for gains, though. Hahaha.


I just tried uploading a video clip of my squat from Nov 2015, but WordPress doesn’t support video uploads. I was squatting 95 lbs; I’ve been stuck on 95 lbs for 4+ months. However, when I look back at my logs, I was actually squating 100 lbs back in August!! That was a little depressing to see.

My fitness goals for 2016 are as follows:

  1. Squat 115-135 lbs
  2. Bench 65-70 lbs
  3. Deadlift 135-155 lbs
  4. 1 un-assisted pull up
  5. 1 un-assisted dip
  6. 3 pistol squat / leg
  7. Bicep curl 30 lbs on curl bench

Currently I CAN bicep curl the 30 lbs standing, but as soon as I hop on the curl bench I am down -500 HP, haha. Anyway that’s all I have to share today.




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