Weather Data Studies & Resources

As I’m progressing into 3rd year of arch school, I’m learning to do a lot of precedent studies. Precedent studies (aka case studies) examine projects other architects did to understand their thought processes. One of the most emphasized parts of architecture education is the comprehension that the context of the building lends itself to the identity of a project. Precedent studies help us recognize specific considerations to take when designing.

We learn to look at cultural and environmental factors as a context for the project. Climate is an important factor in environmental studies– is the building located in a tropical climate? or a temperate one? Different regions have different architectural responses. has weather data available for most regions of the WORLD: Europe, Central America, US, Canada, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific!

In order to read these data, you have 2 options:

  1. using Climate Consultant program developed by UCLA here:
  2. BIM software (ie, RevitArchiCAD)

The graphs are very informative and helpful in understanding why certain design decisions were made. Or, it can used to bring light to how certain design strategies were poorly executed.
Check them out 🙂