Inflatable Pneumatic Architecture and Ginger Bread Houses

We’re nearing the last few weeks of the semester and our professor has now introduced us to an idea of an inflatable pneumatic (by Ant Farm).

These models were from previous students.  We got to play with them today, but will soon deconstruct/dissect them to make our own.

IMG_3241(Pano from phone)

IMG_3243 IMG_3246 IMG_3247In addition, today we had a ginger bread house contest 🙂

IMG_3250Because this was taken around 7 pm, the lighting in these pictures weren’t too great, and I forgot to slap a filter on it before I deleted it off my phone. I participated in the ginger bread competition with my friend and we decided to make a traditional ginger bread house. Both of us never built a ginger bread house before.

IMG_3249The idea of our house was “the American Dream” (see the white picket fence and the dog/horse?) Oh, and we also had a small little mailbox 😉 and some chopped logs in the front yard.

IMG_3255A group of our friends decided to attempt Falling Water (Frank Wright) to enter into the best architecture building.  There was another group that also modeled Falling Water that ended up winning that category but I forgot to take a picture of their submission 😦IMG_3253There was also a category for tallest structure.

IMG_3257 IMG_3259 IMG_3260


Overall it was a lot of fun. And we won the category for best literal ginger bread house.  And a few prizes.



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