Greek Life & the Architecture Major: Neighbors

via Disney Dreaming

I just came back from watching the movie Neighbors at my local theatre and IMO it was very good and hilarious!  The movie was about a young family adjusting to their new life with the birth of their daughter and the wild frat that just moved next door.

And later in the movie it was revealed that frat boy Pete (played by Dave Franco) was an architecture major! 

Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco) via Pinterest

At one point in the movie, Pete uses a 3D printer to make a model of his genitals!

Architecture majors know where the party is.

Haha, personally I have yet to meet an architecture major involved in Greek life.  Both activities require much dedication and time, but it’s fun to see that the media thinks Greek life and architecture make an interesting combination!

After the movie, my friends and I grabbed dinner at a Japanese cafe:

photo 1
Their special unagi (eel) with rice

Later, we went to the mall, and grabbed desserts at a cute boutique bakery:

photo 2
Green Tea Tiramisu


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