Adventures in Paradise

This year has been quite amazing!  I met lots of new people and connected with some old friends 🙂 This post won’t be too much about arch school as I have another post planned for that in the coming weeks to wrap up my studio experience.  Rather, these are just some pictures I have in my phone from various social hangouts with my friends.  Warning: a lot of food porn.

My first acai bowl!
My first acai bowl!
I almost finished this delicious plate of ribs and mashed potatoes and then I remember, oh maybe I should take a picture! The baby back ribs were amazing and the coleslaw was super good and so were the mashed potatoes!
Class on V-Day! 😛
I forgot what type of salad this was but it was gooood! Nordstrom Cafe.
Ruby Tuesday’s is awesome! The one in our neighborhood has a welcoming atmosphere– the servers are extremely friendly and helpful– and the food is delicious!
I love food so much!!! A hot bowl of pho is always good. There’s an amazing little Vietnamese restaurant near my home, and I’ve been going there for about 5 years now. Good stuff.
This mushroom was huge! I snapped this pic sometime during the winter when it was raining quite a bit.
photo 3
Summer is finally here so I’ve been doing a bit of running… and was awarded with this view!

photo 2

photo 1
This quaint little Japanese serves the best ramen at $9-10/bowl. Absolutely one of my favorites. Pic: Hokkaido Tan Tan Ramen


robotics and STEM! #frc2014 #aerialassist
robotics and STEM! #frc2014 #aerialassist

photo 2

During the week of March 27-29, I volunteered at the 2014 FIRST Regional Robotics Competition.  I did robotics in high school, and as an alumna of the program it is always nice to see the students’ diligence and cooperation.  The passion these kids have for technology is inspirational.

FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is a program geared towards high schoolers to encourage them to pursue areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Every year, they host a different game.  This year, it was Aerial Assist where the robots had to score balls in goals in 2.5 minutes.  The first 30 seconds of the match is the autonomous period where robots act according to preprogrammed instructions the  teams write themselves, followed by a 2 minute tele-operated mode when players can control their robots using controls.

photo 4
Coffee coffee coffee
photo 5
This was another plate of deliciousness. Chicken was really tender and moist. We went out to eat the night before we had a project due (which we weren’t finish with at the time of this pic) but everything turned out alright 🙂






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